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Blessings and JCAT Showcase 34

image-7174 Blessings by Eriko Tanigawa: Eriko Tanigawa always enjoy the journey of creativity within her. Her digital camera is a tool which clips each moment and reflects her journey. Her motif is 'Nature'. It could be flowers in the fields or moments which wave batters the rocks in the sea. She is known ...

Artist Profile: Steve West

image-6469Steve West photographs the secret history of the city - sites of clandestine meetings and illicit art installations. The images are lithographs, reproduced through a painstakingly manual process. Slight variances accumulate to create a rich layer of historical information via artifacts of the printing process. The coarse grain of the images complements the subject's rough surfaces and ...

Artist Profile: Miriam Ancis

image-6148 Around Corners 1: Steel, Enamel.  96 x 60 x 5. 2015. (Wall: ochre and purple/wheels) Around Corners 4: Steel, Enamel.  88 x 46 x 10 1/2. 2015. (Wall: white segment) Around Corners 5: Steel, Enamel.   56 x 56 x 12. 2015 Around Corners 6: Steel, Enamel. 36 x 37 x 14 1/2. 2015 ...

Artist Profile: Anna Agoston

image-6065My art is an attempt to express as accurately as possible what I feel while in the presence of my subject. In doing so I aim to expose its essence and what it may evoke in the viewer.

Artist Profile: Daniel Rosenbaum

image-6040My work involves intuitive and spontaneous exploration of abstracted natural forms using staining, pouring and brushed paint. Multiple translucent layers help me achieve unplanned new images.

Artist Profile: Kevin Burzynski

image-5858Sifting through stacks of vintage magazines and books serves a very particular purpose for Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Burzynski. Typically armed with a blade, scissors, and glue, Kevin seeks to repurpose imagery through cut & paste collages that examine loaded themes such as youth, innocence, hopelessness, control, technology, romance, luxury, and nostalgia. His countless wooden ...