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Alex Downs, Laura Gibson, Chad Rimer

image-367Exhibit at Sweet Lorraine Gallery, contact artists for viewing information. Alex Downs - Vessels Email: downs2681@gmail.com Web: http://www.flickr.com/photos/downs2681/ Phone: 347-387-2382 Laura Gibson - Drawings Email: bella.gibson@gmail.com Phone: 718-775-1557 Chad Rimer - Sculpture Email: chadrimer@yahoo.com Phone: 718-775-1556

Niesha White

image-15 Niesha White, 'Deer' Niesha White 'Eloise' Niesha White, 'Bottom In Drag' Artist’s Statement My name is Niesha White and I am the daughter of an ex-Mormon hippie mom and an ex-Muslim hippie dad who raised me in the sea-salt air of a fishing town south of LA. After surviving a cross-country relocation, I ended ...