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Artist Profile: Tyrome Tripoli

image-3402 Green Form (detail) Red Plastic Form GardenScape Yellow Growth from Grid AirConGreenCircle Artist Statement Generally my work is about integrating disparate elements, creating unlikely relationships and new meaning to appropriated objects and industrial materials. Plastic Construction Series: This series is comprised of blending pre-existing forms into unexpected juxtapositions.  The objects are connected and fit together as if they ...

Vincent Romaniello

image-1629 Current Exhibitions Process: Abstract Painters Brooklyn Artists Gym January 29-February 10 168 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY An Art Exchange with Sol Lewitt January 20-March 5 300 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY Website Blog

Elena Yamamoto

image-1551 Statement Elena Yamamoto’s works are thoughts bound up in sources, process, and materials: photos made from negatives that my father took when he was just a few years older than myself; the sun-soaked cyanotype prints with their natural, distinctive, and seductive blue; silk in its softness, its ...

Lindsay Kolk

image-1546 Statement Whether printed on the page, manifest in continuously looped forms, or carefully arranged structures Lindsay Kolk quietly meditates on the repeated mark. At once familiar and consistent, these marks are intuitively and carefully manipulated, obscured, even destroyed; efforts that intrinsically assign value even to that which appears as a ...

Malin Abrahamsson

image-630 'De/Con/Struct' 2009 Mixed media on canvas 24' x 36' 'Pile of Homes' 2009 Mixed media 4' x 5' x 4' 'The New' 2008 Mixed media on canvas 36' x 48' Artist Statement What appears simple just demands a different kind of patience than what is scraggly and complex. Website

Miya Ando

image-476 A descendant of a Japanese Samurai sword maker, Ms. Ando is a much sought after metal sculptor whose most recent piece was recently unveiled at St. John’s Bread & Life in Bedford Stuyvesant, the largest provider of emergency food services in New York City. Ando’s grid of 144 steel canvas ...

Soraya Marcano

image-445 Exile This is a 'book' of paper, ink, acrylic, and thread. It was created in 1998 and appeared in the December/January, 2002 issue of the British magazine Art-Review. It is also featured in the book A tale of two cities (Impact press, 2001.) Website

Alex Downs, Laura Gibson, Chad Rimer

image-367Exhibit at Sweet Lorraine Gallery, contact artists for viewing information. Alex Downs - Vessels Email: Web: Phone: 347-387-2382 Laura Gibson - Drawings Email: Phone: 718-775-1557 Chad Rimer - Sculpture Email: Phone: 718-775-1556