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Alex Downs, Laura Gibson, Chad Rimer

image-367Exhibit at Sweet Lorraine Gallery, contact artists for viewing information. Alex Downs - Vessels Email: Web: Phone: 347-387-2382 Laura Gibson - Drawings Email: Phone: 718-775-1557 Chad Rimer - Sculpture Email: Phone: 718-775-1556

Cara Phillips

image-362 Before & After Room, Tribeca. 2007 White Consultation Chair, Upper East Side. 2006 Implants, Upper East Side. 2008 Singular Beauty “The best of beauty is a finer charm than skill in surfaces, in outlines, or rules of art can ever teach, namely, a radiation from the work of art of human character.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson This ...

Summer (Part One)

image-346 Valery Rizzo @ Wonder Wheel, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007 Valery Rizzo @ Pin-Up Girls, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007 Lara Wechsler @ Sprinkler Fun Lara Wechsler @ Flying John Tebeau @ Nathan's John Tebeau @ Summer Grill

Jonathan Vingiano

image-339 Artist Statement My current work concerns technology and the interpretation of data that exists in the inaccessible, invisible systems that surround us. For Cell Phone Painting #1 , I established a website which collected the cell phone numbers of willing participants. On a specified date and time, users text messaged painting instructions ...

Maria Tanikawa

image-332 title: relativity-6 medium: Japanese pigment/metal-leaf/sumi-ink on wood panel dimension: h60” w24” title: vicissitude 2009 medium: collagraph dimension: about h24” w36” title: relativity-twisty 2008-2009 medium: PAINTING(Japanese pigment/metal-leaf/sumi-ink on canvas) dimension: h8” w10” Artist Statement I was born in 1978 and raised in Japan. After obtaining a BFA at Tama Art University in Japanese Painting Fine Arts in 2005, I moved to New York ...

Steve Riley

image-321 Good Morning Universe, 8x9.5', 2009 Brave New World, 8x9' 2008 Broken World, 8x9', 2008 Stream, 10x10', 2008 Artist Statement I am drawn to everyday objects that are often overlooked or discarded. Using a wide range of disciplines, I transform the materials into small works. With a modern primitive style I balance the positive and negative ...

Brooklyn Studio Tour in Red Hook this Weekend

May 30 & 31 (Saturday and Sunday) noon - 6 p.m. Visit the wonders of Red Hook - buy strangely named furniture at Ikea, shop for groceries at Fairway, eat delicious food at the Red Hook Ballpark, and SEE FANTASTIC ARTWORK. More details at

Karen Connell

image-309 SEASCAPES The seascapes are a series titled 'Anywhere But Here'. The series consists of 436 different scenes.  The water is actually 1/8' thick pieces of clear, vacuum-formed plastic.  The varied molded forms create the wave structure. The water color is created by placing layers of acetate underneath the plastic.  The coloring ...

Randall Stoltzfus

image-303 'Bear Lithia,' 2009, oil, iridescence, and gold leaf on linen, 48'x72' 'Passing,' 2009, oil on linen, 46'x74' 'Five Miles Out,' 2009, oil and gold leaf on canvas over panel, 20'x36' Artist Statement When I moved to Brooklyn from Virginia I started making these dark landscape paintings lit in strange ways.  When I started the ...