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image-6214 TRACE/MATTER at FIVE MYLES GALLERY OCTOBER 10 - NOVEMBER 8, 2015 OPENING RECEPTION: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 5-8PM CURATED BY CHARLOTTA KOTIK ARTISTS: RUTH HARDINGER, KARA ROONEY THE EXHIBITION: Trace and Matter are words endowed with a vastly rich and varied significance, metaphorically and figuratively. So is the work of Ruth Hardinger and Kara Rooney, the artists ...

Artist Profile: Miriam Ancis

image-6148 Around Corners 1: Steel, Enamel.  96 x 60 x 5. 2015. (Wall: ochre and purple/wheels) Around Corners 4: Steel, Enamel.  88 x 46 x 10 1/2. 2015. (Wall: white segment) Around Corners 5: Steel, Enamel.   56 x 56 x 12. 2015 Around Corners 6: Steel, Enamel. 36 x 37 x 14 1/2. 2015 ...

Artist Profile: Andy Polefrone

image-5673 About the Artist I am an artist living in Bed-Stuy and working in Gowanus. I work primarily with painting, sculpture and video, in order to pull painting out of two dimensions and into the third (and therefore truly inhabitable) dimension. My current body of work often addresses rapidly changing relationships between humans ...

Artist Profile: Eliot Markell

image-5569I’ve come to realize how lucky I’ve been to keep making art over the last 40 years. The obstacles are daunting, and the challenges to confidence are constant. But then you reach a point of no return when you realize that art is all you know and what you do most ...

Artist Profile: TJ Volonis

image-5470My work focuses on the dependent relationship between the whole and the segment and the fragile balance between order and disorder. In particular I work with patterns--portraying them simply and in their entirety, or through the prism of a larger pattern. In this way I can focus on specific elements ...

Artist Profile: Elizabeth Jordan


Artist Statement

My studio is a place of expression, solitude, emotion, playfulness, tedium, escape from reality, light-heartedness, devotion and obsession. It is a haven where I can leave life and the world behind.

My work is the expression of a conversation I have with myself, where a long thread of thoughts connect ideas, memories and [...]

Artist Profile: Carol Salmanson


Hercules Lite

“Hercules Lite” replicated the form of architect Marcel Breuer’s massive support column at Lehman College Art Gallery in a transparent, fluorescent-edged green plexiglass.  It used light and suspension to contrast with Breuer’s sense of weight, simultaneously calling attention to his achievement and entering into a dialog with it.  [...]

Artist Profile: Elizabeth Riley



My work is multidimensional and experimental in intent, operating in the domain between video, sculpture and installation. Along with materials such as furniture and raw plywood, I combine live video elements with sequential video stills, which are printed out on extended lengths of inkjet roll paper. This combination of materials gives me [...]

Artist Profile: Tyrome Tripoli

image-3402 Green Form (detail) Red Plastic Form GardenScape Yellow Growth from Grid AirConGreenCircle Artist Statement Generally my work is about integrating disparate elements, creating unlikely relationships and new meaning to appropriated objects and industrial materials. Plastic Construction Series: This series is comprised of blending pre-existing forms into unexpected juxtapositions.  The objects are connected and fit together as if they ...
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