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Black & White Gallery / Project Space at Pulse Art Fair


Black & White Gallery / Project Space will show selected works from a series of three-dimensional works by Peter Brock. Peter is the founder of Baji Lives!, an ongoing and collaborative public art project that brings color to the boroughs of New York.  The artist’s debut solo exhibition The Most Exciting [...]

Fountain Art Fair

Fountain Art Fair is the perfect antidote for an art world obsessed by global branding and marketing strategies. A combination of street art, galleries (including a strong Brooklyn presence), and independent artists, Fountain has a distinctly DIY feel – there’s an immediacy and passion to the ...

Fountain Art Fair Opens Friday at 69th Armory

image-3450 Joe Iurato. Lion, 2012. Stencil, spray paint and latex on wood panels. 20' x 8'. Fountain Art Fair New York at the 69th Regiment Armory March 9–11, 2012 | 68 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street Fountain Art Fair, known for its delightfully rebellious tendencies and inclination to challenge the status quo, will open ...