La Bodega Gallery is pleased to present Resilient Bodies
a solo exhibition of new work by Michael Watson.

In this dynamic collection of recent work, Watson utilizes organic material including rice and wood as a surrogate for the body. Through various destructive and regenerative processes, he explores concepts of being, transformation, decay and rebirth. Watson torches, sands, and pick-axes the material to its limit until a metamorphosis occurs. The burnt, gouged and fractured surfaces become hauntingly beautiful and visceral works which are simultaneously embedded in physicality and transcendence. The artworks offer contemplative insights into the ever-changing state of all things; a trace of what was and a reflection of what will be.

Resilient Bodies will be exhibited from February 2nd thru March 2nd.
Opening reception Friday, February 2nd from 7-10 pm.

La Bodega Gallery
695 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215