“IN HAZE” Artist Dan Criblez unveils debut pop-up show

Visual artist Dan Criblez is wasting no time breaking in 2018 with a solo pop-up show at the Living Gallery, located at 1094 Broadway in Brooklyn, on January 5th from 7-10 pm. Titled “In Haze,” the event will feature a mixture of painting, drawing, sculpture and animation on display set to a sound performance by Alex DeSimine of Brooklyn indie band Ritual Talk.

“The theme of the show relates to the state of mind I’ve been in lately – confused about the world, society and growing up,” says Criblez, 20, who studies at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.  “It emits the idea of being in a weird hazy headspace and going through your daily questioning everything to the point of confusion.”

Criblez claims his signature artistic style is derived from his personality traits.

“I like to create on the spot without thinking about a plan,” he says. “This strategy results in a weird linier style.”

Inspired by greats such as Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso and Cy Twombly, Criblez is venturing to Italy after the show in order to further his artistic career, which has been growing with each passing month.

“I think consistently creating has brought a new growth to my hand more than I ever knew,” says Criblez. “Experimenting with new mediums and ideas has felt freer than ever. I have so many outlooks and ideas to send out into the world.”

Dan Criblez is a visual artist from New York who works in a wide variety of mediums including animation, sculpture, painting and drawing. In addition to studying sculpture at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT, he is a graduate of the Huntington Fine Arts program on Long Island.  Dan works with several indie musicians, such as Ritual Talk and Jake Sherman, on videos, cover art, and more.  Currently, he is serving as a freelance video animator for The Wild Honey Pie music production company.