FiveMyles presents Bête Noire, curated by Mario Naves in the main gallery.

ON VIEW: 11/11 – 12/17

As a literary allusion, the French term “bête noire”–loosely translated as “bugaboo”, “bane” or “pest”–hones in on a quality that is, by turns, vexing and irresistible. The paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures featured in this exhibition illuminate the conceit by embodying forms, narratives and frames of mind that pique and, perhaps, consternate the eye, haunting it in ways that refuse ready interpretations.

“There are any number of ways artists can make their work felt–to connect with the viewer, and have that engagement matter”, writes curator Mario Naves. “The artists featured in ‘Bete Noire’ do so by embracing contradiction and idiosyncrasy; they delve into thematic and stylistic notions that court the illogical, the humorous, the intensive and unexpected. As a result, the work promises a raft of complications and, with them, pleasures that are no less curious.”

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Gallery hours: Thursday – Sunday: 1-6PM, or by appointment.

558 St. John’s Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238