FiveMyles presents “The People Games Play,” paintings and games by Nicholas Cueva in the main gallery.

OPENING RECEPTION: October 14, 2017 5-8PM
ON VIEW: October 14 – November 5, 2017

In this exhibition, Nicholas Cueva presents a series of paintings that stem from visions of past moments after they were transformed by time and by the process of remembering.

The games provide a similar space of reflection, but necessitate group interaction to complete the moment of art. Each game is built and conceived by the artist and has its own set of rules. Like all games, Cueva’s games extend, accentuate or disrupt social relations that already exist in the real world, and provide a way to work out problems between people – regardless of how “fair” or “right” the solution is. The public is invited to read the rulebook and to play the games on display during the duration of the exhibition.

Gallery hours: Thursday – Sunday: 1-6PM.
558 St John’s Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 783-4438