155 Visual Artists, 33 Filmmakers,11 Art Book Publishers, 12 Poets & Writers.

Platform Art will feature 44 solo exhibitions of emerging, mid-career and mature artists. Platform distinguishes itself from other fairs because it is “for artists, by artists.” Participants were asked to exhibit by invite only; there were no gallery applications, booth renderings or dealers selecting their most profitable artists. Attendees will view pieces that the artist perceives best represents their body of work to date in lieu of what a gallery and or dealer thinks may sell. The work selected for Platform encompasses substance, and encourages critics and artists to have meaningful discourse with collectors and art enthusiasts.

Platform Art Exhibitors: Shafaq Ahmad, Anthony Bailey, Leigh Bongiorno, Noah Becker, Clayton Campbell, Eteri Chakuda, Daphne Chan, Michael Chandler, Virgil Carrillo, Najee Dorsey, Michelle L. Elmore, Donna Festa, Jeffrey Forsythe, David Gamble, Jessica Barroso Gomez, Citizen Grey, Hollis Hammonds, Mark Harris, Randell Henry, Musa Hixson, Kim Kei, Stephanie Keith, Nimai Kesten, John LaMacchia, Sherri Littefield, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Donnie Molls, Yuki Noda, Ronald Ownbey, Heebeom Park, Guy Stanley Philoche, Michael Pribich, Terrence Sanders, Chris Saucedo, Sol Sax, Jamel Shabazz, Robert Sites, Lorien Suarez, Dan Tague, Johan Wahlstrom, Miriam Waterman, Diana Shui-Iu Wong, Citizen X & Egon Zippel.

In addition to Platform Art, there will be Platform Art Book fair with a curated focus on independent and underground subcultures.

Platform Film Festival will screen short films by Alexandra Amirov, Dimitris Argyriou, Sharon Balaban, Joiri Minaya, Kent Anderson Butler, Anaiis Cisco, Josiah Cuneo, Michelle Elmore, Michelle Jaffe, Thomas Hilland, Jenna Houston, Bara Jichova, Laura Karetzky, Avery Lawrence, Sean Lindert, Ziye Liu, Megan Mack, Sophie Pegrum, Justin Pigeon, Jefferson Pinder, Michael Pribich, Shannon Michael Terry, Sheri Wills and Alisa Yang. James Scott, Alexis Marie Chute and Daphne Chan will screen documentary films, while Nicholas Ward and Saël Lacroix will show feature films.

Platform’s Curatorial Sections will include 60 Americans 2 – a group exhibition curated by Terrence Sanders. The 60 artists include collegiate faculty, gallery directors and emerging artists – including 2017 Guggenheim fellowship recipient Jefferson Pinder.

A full roster of artists include: Leigh Bongiorno, Lorien Suarez, Ryan McCann, Holly Brouck, Donnie Molls, Terrence Sanders, Cassandra Lillard, Mark Schmidt, Kim Kei, Marisa Williamson, Thomas Garner, Lauren Mendelsohn Bass, Damon Martin, Zeal Harris, Duane Paul, Ronald Ownbey, Jameson Stokes, Laura Karetzky, Damion Hunter, Mario Moore, John Isiah, Benjamin Rogers, Daphne Chan, Regina Scully, Ivor Scott, Ding Ren, Kelli Thompson, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, David Gamble, Gregory St. Amand, Sandra Low- Nery Gabriel Lemus, Dareece Jordan Walker, Derek Cracco, Candice Flewharty, Robert Sites, Christopher Saucedo, Donald Martiny, Egon Zippel, Heebeom Park, Hollis Hammonds, Janet Dandridge, Jeffrey Forsythe, Jenna Knoblach, Johan Wahlstrom, Joiri Minaya, Kelly Jo Shows, Michael Pribich, Michelle Benoit, Miriam Waterman, Rachel Hornaday, Scott Gengelbach, Shafaq Ahmad. Sherri Littlefield, Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer, Terry Smith & Jefferson Pinder.

The Last Bohemia, curated by Joe Heaps Nelson will feature artists from the Greenpoint and Williamsburg areas of Brooklyn. David Henry Brown Jr., Charles Comer, Clayton Cubitt, Lara Celeste Diaz, Rebecca Goyette, Josh Jordan, Emily Noelle Lambert, Marne Lucas -Rafael Melendez, Heather Morgan, Duke Riley & Aubrey Roemer.

The Directed Modern, curated by Miami Dade Professor Melanie Prapopoulos will showcase work from Franck de las Mercedes, Joe GInesberg, Pablo Power -Rob Anderson, Gilbane Peck & Ashley Cunningham.

Editor-In-Chief of Whitehot Magazine Noah Becker curated The (New) New York School which will feature artists from the New York City area. Artists include Michael Anderson, Maria Kreyn, Tom Sanford, Adam Kruge, Jonathan Viner, Vieno James, Alfredo Martinez, Jason McLean, Aaron Michael Skolnick & Mike Cockrill.

Poets & Writers section features Bridget Barkan, Chisya Enriquez, Janet Mercel, Chris Pascale, Gordon Haber, Kenneth Brady, Jen Sotham, Lo Anderson, Roya Marsh, Naajidah Correll, Marci Schur and Safiya Martinez-Connell.

The Viewing Room features Gerard Frances, Anita Arliss, Chris Justice Cheryl Schainfeld, Bianca Sforni, Ellen Burnett, Walter Poole, Morgan Frew, Joey Solomon, Cynthia McLoughlin, Mo Hongxun & Ping Zheng.

In addition to two installations and video programming room, there will be programming directed toward children (Kids Space) and panel discussions relevant to artists and enthusiasts across the contemporary art spectrum. Panel Discussions include: Discussions on a Media Driven Art World, Fresh Out of Art School Art Stars, The Current Climate of the Art Business, Economic Challenges to Being an Artist, The Unequal Distribution of Wealth and How to Collect Art if You’re Not a Millionaire.

Platform will take place September 29th through October 1st at 72 Noble Street Brooklyn, NY 11222. Platform has been featured in Black Art in America, Whitehot Magazine, Arte Fuse and Festival Reviews. There will be a VIP / Press Preview on Thursday, September 28th. The fair will be open to the public Friday through Sunday from 11:00am – 8:00pm. Additional programming and the most up-to-date information can be found on the official website.

For Press enquiries, please contact:

Terrence Sanders 310 433 9958 | platformartfair@gmail.com