August 12th-18th, 2017
Opening Reception: August 12th, 7-10 PM

Gowanus Print Lab
54 2nd Ave
Brooklyn NY 11215

A FUTURE WE CAN VIBE WITH is an alternative picture of the future. It is an exhibit that welcomes positive futurists to toss our typically dystopic visions to the side to bring about a more harmonious future in the present. It challenges popular post apocalyptic narratives that set humanity on a course towards environmental devastation and totalitarianism. We fear a future where greed, warmongering, and artificial intelligence doom humanity to its grave. But what if, we can create a future where people can relearn how to live with one another in the world? What if technology could enhance our ability to thrive without the exploitation of people or resources? What if the true grace of humanity has yet to be revealed?

Artists have generously donated paintings, drawings, prints and zines that will be sold for charity. Proceeds will go to Global Greengrants Fund, an organization that mobilizes resources for communities worldwide to protect our shared planet and work toward a more equitable world. The end result is to raise money for environmental awareness and to involve artists directly in causing a better future. Through creating a piece, each artist will also be an author of change.

This event is cash-and-carry, which means that art can be bought and taken home for the price of your donation. Any work bought during the show can be picked up after 9 PM on opening night, or at Gowanus Print Lab before de-installation. The Facebook event can be found here:

Featuring the work of:
Nick Amara
Margaux Bigou
Ian Byrne
Leroy Burnett
Elena Castaneda
Annelise Capossela
Anna Deér
Nora Fantry
Pat Fullmer
Jessica Garcia
Melissa Godoy Nieto
Michael Giurato
Rachelle Jade Hall
Christopher Jiles, Jr.
Lauren Kolesinkas
Jyan Ku
Lana C. Marilyn
Keara Martin
Sohhee Oh
Alison Polston
Laura Milla Pregger
Shenise Ramirez
Camila Rosa
Jo Rosenthal
Robert Snyder
Marcela Szwarc
Simon Tosky
Natalie Vie
Rose Wong
Xuan Zhang
Eva-Milan Zsiga

And printed matter by:
PM Press

Music by:
Tina Hanae