Living Installation naked bodies with paint
Weekly performance on Saturday nights
6pm-9pm / 9pm-12am/ extra fun hour till 1am if you get 2 tickets!
$20 per session, come to both!

You’re invited to Michael Alan’s private studio, Michael Alan’s “Imaginarium”, to watch or make art at the Living Installation art comes to life! From start to finish performers are decorated with paint, props, and various materials, as they put on a nonstop multimedia improv performance! Live turntable music, sounds and improv words create a full immersive experience. Naked bodies with paint!

This is not just drawing or an event, you can draw or paint, or dance on your chairs, take photos, or take off your pants! We encourage everyone to come watch the performance, the live creation will never be duplicated! Every moment in every show is a whole new work! Most importantly community is made, people come from all over the world to make art together! Come be a part you funky monkey!

The Living Installation is one of the last cult D.I.Y. true New York punk art events that has been going on since early 2000! It draws similar energy as the Mud Club, The Factory, and the old CBGBs, and a NYC alleyway in the 80s, bringing back the feeling of what has been lost in New York performance and D.I.Y. grassroots events. It has been featured in just about every art and culture magazine. Come join the creative team, make laughs, maybe even get casted and thrown into the show!

This coming Saturday, July 1st is “Sleeping Beauty”

Nice young girl falls asleep in Alien’s studio, wakes up transformed into rabid monkey space girl! She finds this is her natural state expresses through her deep rooted alien language. Alien himself paints his head. He explores the unknown with every material known to man onto the body. Seven hours with three to four magical humans who dare to change their bodies into aliens! Outrageous, daring wicked and funny, pushing the limits on what is real and what is acceptable, this performance is sure to simultaneously make you laugh and feel unsettled yet tranquil.Let go of all life’s worries and problems and stigmas and just get loooose and open with no drugs explore freedom with us!