Thursday July 6th

Live at the Archway is free performances + pop up gallery + interactive live art in a magical, only-in-DUMBO setting. Always free + all ages + rain or shine.

Each week, alongside a free musical performance, a different DUMBO-based artist is featured in The Artist Interactive–a twofold art experience that jointly exhibits artist’s work in a small pop-up gallery, “The Space Station,” and also offers an opportunity for audience members to directly engage with the artist and create a new collaborative piece together each week.


> 79.5 — 6PM
> DJ set by band members to follow
> Artist Interactive at the Space Station: Pop up gallery + live art experience with Vladimir Nazarov — All night!


The Artist:
Vladimir Nazarov is a contemporary visual artist living in New York City. His fascination with the healing nature of art is what motivates him to create. Chiefly concerned with the concept behind a given art work, Nazarov lets the work unfold in whatever medium his subject matter necessitates. A pioneer in the use of color, space, and layering in symbolic abstraction, Nazarov’s chosen medium is but the vehicle of his creative expression in totality. Nazarov is a firm believer in the power of art to enrich neighborhoods and create a perfect symbiosis between commercial businesses and artistic expression; he was one of the very first artists to settle in DUMBO.

The Gallery:
The Artist Interactive is presented in collaboration with This Friday or Next Friday. Tfnf is likely the tiniest, most inconsequential art gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn, probably in NYC, and maybe on the face of the earth. It was founded by Nathan Sinai Rayman, and he runs it with Zach Seeger, his Director of Programs.