John Doe Gallery is seeking art for its July 2017 show, Cool For The Summer

Cool For The Summer, in a self-conscious nod to Demi Lovato’s very obvious but failed attempt at producing the jam of Summer 2015, will also be a failed attempt at keeping cool during the heat of summer. On view July 21-31, Cool for the Summer will be group show consisting of artworks of varied media all linked directly to cooling devices, specifically air conditioning or fans. The show will strategically open during the hottest weeks of summer and will draw humor from the fact that the gallery is not air conditioned. While the exhibition will manifestly fail in its mission to keep the viewers physically cool, it endeavors to instead increase their metaphorical “cool.”

Please submit existing works, or propose new works involving fans or AC units, vents, or ducts in any way. Inclusion of these devices may be overt or subtle. All media including sculpture, painting, photo, video, and sound welcome.

We look forward to seeing your work!

Please contact with proposals, submissions or questions.