Moods of Meraki featuring the works of artist, Terri Frohman
This new collection takes an abstract approach to human emotion, through the use of patterns, depicted using silk screened printmaking techniques. From hand drawn sumi ink patterns to printmaking, this exhibit will show the development from a fine art perspective, transferred onto various textiles such as leather goods and other fashion apparel.
Sponsorship: Chocolate Theory | Gowanus Print Lab | Beer Provided by Tsing Tao Beer
About the artist
Terri Frohman is a native New York who has spent nearly two decades in the art world. Initially as an art education teacher for over a decade, she later transitioned to exploring her artistry full-time, through printmaking. In 2016 she founded her Meraki NYC art studio, out of the Gowanus Print Lab.
As a native New Yorker, being able to create authentic handmade products, locally in Brooklyn, is truly inspirational and allows her to connect with her community on another level.