Please join Upstairs Projects for its opening of Luminous Flux: a night of immersive light and sound.

Where: The Pink House- 179 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213
When: Saturday, May 20, 7pm-11pm
Details: Free and open to the public, Gallery, Projections, Installations, Sound

Luminous Flux refers to a measurement of perceived brightness emitted by a light source. It is a quantitative expression of brilliance, yet “brightness” can also apply towards the cognitive. White light splits into a spectrum. A light siren chases itself around the room, reminiscent of nightlife strobes, or emergency vehicles. Lumens shine through glass. Rays refract underwater. An artificial light simulates the sun and moon. Liquid light swirls on the walls. A portal of light is created to tell a story.

Each room will be host to installations that explore luminosity, expanded fields of vision, and our entrancement with that which glows.

Featuring art by Valeria Divinorum, Curtis Godino, Melissa Johnson, Carl Knight, Devin Morris, Will Rahilly, Lily Rogers, and Natasha Wong. Organized by Upstairs Projects (Melissa Johnson and Debora Levy).

Bergsonist (live set)

B2B DJ sets
+Moma Ready
+More TBA

Light-themed cocktails by Erica’s Tiny Kitchen