Constructive Engagement a photography exhibition by Eleanor Steinadler

Artist Reception: Friday, May 5th. 6-9 PM
Gallery Reception: Friday, May 12th 6-9pm
On view May 5th – 22nd

Steinadler Eleanor. Archival pigment print.  “Abandoned Construction_Truro, MA”   12 x 18 inches

“With my camera, I paint passages of abstract compositions that nature and humans inevitably create.” -Eleanor Steinadler

Eleanor Steinadler has been photographing various Construction sites in the past few years. What began as a temporary fascination, has developed into a true constructive engagement.
Each site of construction had to be seen completely anew: thus, the NYC site has muscular strong saturated colors. The Truro site is bathed in a thinner, subtle, translucent atmosphere of Cape Cod – the partially reflected light of the nearby ocean. The Cambridge MA site rides on the contrast of ‘wet’ greens of the vegetation against the striking raw sienna of construction sand. The series continues with the harsher urban shots of South Boston, with its construction equipment taking a day off, idling in strange frozen poses.

The NYC and Truro series, represented here, provide a telling contrast. The emphasis for the very urban site, is on the clarity of every detail, fascinating in its sudden unfamiliarity. In the Cape Cod shots, Steinadler skillfully broadens our perspective. The view opens up onto a subtly luminous landscape. In contrast, the rusting construction equipment is almost swallowed by this expanse, alien in its fraught freedom under the open skies, but held in tenuous balance by the skill of Steinadler’s feeling for the composition within each photograph. Here, with each new shot, the colors shift slowly but inexorably, and the landscape gradually takes completely over, to leave a lasting ghostly impression in the viewers’ eye.  © 2017 Philip Gerstein

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