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The 90s – A cultural era when Hip Hop, graffiti, pop art, and a variety of music bloomed.

waif one, KIO, Mizuki Pigmo, yusei sagawa, and Gospel are five artists from the Land of the Rising Sun that spent their teenage years in the 90’s. The “re:edit” exhibition at Ouchi gallery in Brooklyn is to display their art through their filter called, “Japan”.



In 1991, KIO had a huge crush on one of the elements of Hip Hop – graffiti. He established a strong identity for his art work through street culture.

KIO formed a collective called, “TypoGraphics” with K.I.N. of “MELLOW YELLOW” in 1997. At the time, MELLOW YELLOW was leading the Japanese Hip Hop scene. They designed illustrations, characters, and logo design as well as album cover art for major Japanese Hip Hop artists. Their high quality art work captivated viewers.

In 2005, KIO became their director of design and illustration for the apparel brand “Optimystik”. The brand reflects “sound” and “art” through an original point of view from a street culture perspective.

In 2010, KIO started live painting at clubs and street culture events using POSCA paint markers only. In 2012, he had an exhibition with various artists in Australia. In 2013, KIO had his first solo exhibition at Shibuya NOSORG?NOS Ebisu in Tokyo.

KIO’s warm, expressive touch is based on Black Culture.

Instagram : @typokio



Born in Fukushima-JPN in December, 1986.

He started LivePaint since 2010.And now, based on the club event of 6-70 metropolitan area per year.

He mainly draw a pattern of curved line, They have imag

ined the flow felt while doing the skateboard and the snowboard, and smoke of a cigarette, and a plant.

Also drawing to circular object “enn” and “wa” as mean is circle in japanese words.

e-mail : t.waifone.t@gmail.com

Twitter : @WAIFone

Instagram : @waifone

Mizuki Pigmo


Mizuki Pigmo is a Tokyo based artist born in Taito-ku, Tokyo in1991. She was painting everyday from cradle and leaned and got skills by herself.

From 2012 she started  her career as  an artist.

She does live paintings, makes flyers, murals, CD cover and etc.

homepage : www.mizukipigmo.com

e-mail : mizuki.pigmo@gmail.com

Instagram : @mizuki_pigmo

Yusei Sagawa


Yusei Sagawa is a Tokyo based creator and art director. His work versatility includes murals, advertisements, and 3D art that combines painting and digital laser cutting.

Yusei produced many corporate ad and art projects as a member of art group, Rinpaeahsidan. Mcdonald’s?SMIRNOFF?Marlboro?MINI?TOYOTA?SKYPE?audio-technica, and SONY were some of their clients.

homepage : rinpaeshidan.jp


FB?Yusei Sagawa

e-mail : sugatanomono@gmail.com



Gospel was introduced to Hip Hop in 1992 and graffiti inspired him. As a child, he was into manga and drawing which lead him to be a self-taught illustrator.

Gospel always remembers his roots. His style focuses on unique characters with warmth that are not affected by trends. They are beyond our imaginings of cliché Hip Hop.

From painting at live events, to creating apparel designs, album art, and logos for commercial and emerging projects – Gospel’s, “Never forget the basics” style is appreciated by a variety of audiences that expand his art around the globe.

homepage : gospelfortramps.com



e-mail : info@gospelfortramps.com


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