Put your money where your mouth is there’s a lot at Stake.

Over forty artists from various mediums come together in a group exhibition of resistance and celebration.  All work is generously donated by the artists and priced $400 and under. Proceeds will be equally divided and donated to the Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Exhibiting Artists:

Aaron Krach, Alison Kudlow, Aviva Rowley, Bill Adams, Brian Ormond, Courtney Childress, Ebru Yildiz, Edwina Hay, Elizabeth Beeby, Eric Phipps, Ester Segretto, Glenn Wonsettler, Janine Biunno, Jeanette D. Moses, Jeff Schwarz, Jen Hitchings, Jeremy Couillard, Jesse Durost, Julia Norton, Justin Amrhein, Katy Mixon, Kelli Thompson, Kelsey Knutson, Kerry Cox, Lisa Case, Mark Kleback, Matthew Fischer, Max Heiges, Michael Childress, Michael Mahalchick, Neil Goldberg, Nick Rymer, Nicki Ishmael, Nori Pao, Owen Karrel, RJ Supa, Shamus Clisset, Tiffany Stevens, Tim Mettler, Todd Bienvenu and Yusuke Okada.

Curated by Nick Rymer and Nicki Ishmael.

Cloud City
85 N. 1st St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Opening reception: Friday, April 28, 6 – 9 PM
Gallery Hours: Saturday, April 29, 1 – 6PM, Sunday, April 30th, 1 – 3PM

Cloud City Art Space and Gallery was founded in 2013 out of the ashes of Dead Herring, a DIY space in South Williamsburg. Created by a community of artists through a successful crowdfunding campaign, Cloud City is a place to create, celebrate and experiment.

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