Reception 2/21 At 7pm Draconis & Cornish-scape/Hiroshi draconis
Artist: Hiroshi draconis
Tittle: Draconis & Cornish-scape
I was born in Japan in 1964. I graduated from the Institute of Technology in 1987. I went to see Mt. Sinai of Egypt in 1996. In 2006, my work won a prize in the contest of Salon Blanc Art Association. I painted in oil from 1994 to the summer of 2012. I had stayed in Nice, France for about 4 months during the winter of 2012 and that is when I started painting with watercolors. I traveled in Spain for about 3 months in 2014. I saw the landscapes of Penzance, Cornwall, England in 2016.

My painting is based on the seven colors of the rainbow. I chose this theme because of my love for the pure and vivid colored light beams reflected from the Sun to the Earth.

Thursday, 2/16 – Sunday, 2/26
12:00PM – 6:00 PM
Closed on Wednesday