Join us the for opening reception of our pop-up exhibit “EmBodied”!

Opening reception: March 4, 5-8pm
Open hours: March 5, 12pm-5pm
Artist panel event: March 5, 3:30-5pm

Featuring the work of 15 international SciArt Center members: Amanda Agricola, China Blue, Julia Buntaine, Kindra Crick, Steven Gawoski, Bojana Ginn, Ellen Hanauer, Gunes-Helene Isitan, Marie Munk, Valeriya N-Georg, Jasmine Pradissitto, Jody Rasch, Cheryl Safren, Steve Smart, and Elaine Whittaker

Curated by Marnie Benney:
As humans we have an instinctual desire to expand understanding of our existence. While this desire extends outwards into the natural world and its phenomena, it also focuses inwards, towards the landscapes and mysteries of the body. We conceptualize, pontificate, and dream about what our physical form means.

Wittgenstein said, “The human body is the best picture of the soul.” As artists reimagine the meaning, possibility, aesthetic, purpose, and role of the body, the visual expression of this ‘soul’ or ‘inner self’ continues to be expressed in novel ways. This discussion becomes especially complex as the biological sciences reveal the seemingly inextricable link between the body and the inner self through neuroscience, microbiology, and genomics. Increasingly, the inner self is embedded in our layered physical forms.

By exploring everything from our bones, gross anatomy, physiology, microbiology, neurobiology, evolution, genomes, and more, how do we begin to understand ourselves in new ways? What do our bodies tell us about who we are?