Artist: Mari Nishimura
I have been fond of dragons since childhood. From a young age, I started drawing dragons using my fingers with assorted painting materials and would paint colorful dragons in various places.
The pictures drawn by Mari Nishimura are often described as being “powerful”.
The energy, kindness, strength and sadness can be seen overflowing from the basis of an individual human…
Many people are moved to tears when they see these paintings.
This is surely due to the depth and strength of the view of life that is depicted in each painting.
Sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, Mari Nishimura’s works continue to evolve.
Her solo exhibitions in Japan have proven to be so popular that numbered tickets have been issued for admission.
This “dragon woman” is flying around the world with her dragons as she receives invitations from all parts of the earth.

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, resident in Tokyo
Graduated from Musashino Art University
Working as Creative Director/Copywriter at an advertising company

2014 Solo exhibition at Omotesando Gallery Pamina, Tokyo
2015 Solo exhibition at Hyde Gallery, Los Angeles
2015 Solo exhibition at liveravo Gallery Fukuoka
2016 Group exhibition at Jadite Galleries N.Y.
2016 Solo exhibition at Hyde Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 Solo exhibition in Omotesando, Tokyo Presentation of dragon paints at IsonokamifutsumitamaShrine in Okayama Prefecture
2016 Christmas art show exhibition at Hyde Gallery, Los Angeles
2017 Exhibition at Japan Fair, Berlin
2017 Solo exhibition at Montserrat Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2017 Group exhibition at Pinacoteca di Brera 169 in Milan, Italy

Thursday, 2/5 – Sunday, 2/11
12:00PM – 6:00 PM