(top) Hermann Struck, “Venezia – San Giorgio”, 1903, etching, 4” x 6”
(lower) Artem Mirolevich, “Landing”, , etching,
January 7th – February 5th, 2017
Reception – Saturday, January 7th from 6-9PM

fine art of the human form
168 North 6th St. (1 block from Bedford Avenue “L” train)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211
hours: Saturday and Sunday from 1-6PM

Figureworks is pleased to open this year with Artem Mirolevich and Hermann Struck, two prolific artists whose passion for travel form the basis of their work.

Hermann Struck was born in 1876 in Berlin, Germany. Being raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, he focused much of his career on Jewish subjects. He studied at the Berlin Academy, where he was introduced to the art of etching. He joined the Zionist movement at an early age and in 1903, during one of his numerous travel experiences, met Zionist leader Theodor Herzl in Vienna. A devout follower, he created a number of striking portraits of Herzl, helping establish his career in portrait etching. He continued to secure numerous portrait commissions of leaders and celebrities throughout his career. In 1908, Struck published “Die Kunst des Radierens” (The Art of the Etching), which was and would remain a seminal work on the subject. By 1923, Struck had settled in Palestine (Haifa), where he frequently portrayed the everyday life of Jews and Arabs of the Middle East. He taught graphic techniques to noted artists Max Lieberman, Lesser Ury, Joseph Budko and Marc Chagall and today remains an important influence on many European graphic artists.

Of great historical importance are Struck’s drawings and etchings from his world travels. Included in this exhibition are etchings from Poland, Italy, Germany, Palestine, Sweden, England, Cuba and the United States. Struck beautifully captured the locals in common tasks or landmark settings.

In 1976, 100 years after Hermann Struck’s birth, Artem Mirolevich was born in the city of Belarus, Russia. At the age of 17, he and his family moved to the States, making their home in Buffalo, NY. Soon after his arrival, Artem enrolled at the School of Visual Art in New York City and was granted a scholarship from the Department of Illustration. One of his greatest inspirations during his four years as a student was a semester spent in Amsterdam at the Rietvield Academy of Art. Intrigued by the city’s cultural and architectural landscape, he used this inspiration to produce many works of art, including images of a post-apocalyptic city submerged deep under water. Artem returned to New York to complete his studies, and graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s in Fine Art and Illustration. Invigorated by his experience abroad, he was drawn to the idea of exploring other countries of the world and spent the following summer traveling through Israel and Egypt. Artem’s recent travels include Tibet, Nepal and Peru. All these unique and diverse excursions continue to shape his perception and artistic vision of the world.

In this exhibition, Artem’s etchings create new worlds within each plate. These works span ancient civilizations, present societies, and what he envisions for the future. His narratives include dwellers of Babylon, lost soldiers of Alexander the Great, urban legends, time travelers, and scientists of subterranean worlds.

Spanning over 100 years, these two artistic explorers provide great insight into our diverse world through their strikingly detailed work. The past, present and future are honored and embraced.

Figureworks is located at 168 North 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211, one block from the Bedford Avenue “L” train. The gallery is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 PM and is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary and 20th century fine art of the human form.

For more information please call 718-486-7021 or visit us online at www.figureworks.com