Hollis Dark Jr

January 13 – February 1, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, January 13 6pm-8pm

John Doe gallery begins its exhibition programme with Effusion, by Hollis Dark Jr.

Hollis Dark Jr. works with a base of epoxy resin, treated to provide a substrate for the fluid intermingling of various paint media. These interactions, together with the artist’s productive actions, are suspended within the planes of each work, a record of movement and viscosity.

Laced with phosphorescent pigments, the paintings endure in the dark. Emissions from within replace reflections off the surface, arresting color and altering the perception of depth. Each piece is meticulously shaped on all sides to achieve an appearance of polished stone, accentuating the thickness of the object and blurring the line between surface and structure. Building on these foundations, each work is a singular instance of chance and intent. Together they form a continuity articulated by the introduction of new elements and their consequent expansion of the field of possibilities.

This distinctive set of materials and methods was born of a desire to paint in a means specific to his time; in Hollis Dark’s eyes, it is one of synthetic polymers, luminescence, and power tools.

Hollis Dark Jr: EFFUSION is curated by Kelly Koh and Vladislav Markov, and features a collection of works across
the evolution of the artist’s process, culminating in a series of recent explorations.