Precarious Constructs

Precarious Constructs includes works by artists who explore sculpture as their primary language in attempts to represent the transition from the fortuity of the present to the uncertainty and fragility of the future. Ranging from life size sculptures to minuscule wall objects, from hybrid figures to ephemeral landscapes, the artworks engage with loss, memory, trauma, impermanence, and fragility.

Artists: Uta Bekaia
Alexandra Leyre Mein
Levan Mindiashvili
Andrew Cornell Robinson
Matt Stone
Liz Sweibel
Etty Yaniv
Performance: Milcah Bassel, and Amanda Thackray
Co-Curated by Etty Yaniv & Levan Mindiashvili

Opening: Friday, Dec 9th, 2016 7-10PM at Venus Knitting Art Space
The exhibition will be on from: Dec 9th – Dec 18th
Address: 117 Grattan St. (entrance 122 Harrison Place), Brooklyn, NY 11237
(corner of Harrison Place and Porter, across from Falensai restaurant)
Morgan L stop
Gallery hours: Sat, Sun 1-4PM
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