Our annual open call to kick off the new year. Curated by Julie Torres at our new location!
Opening Reception: January 13, 2017 7-9pm
On view through February 17, 2017.

“The quality of work submitted for Introductions 2017 was overwhelming, wonderful and daunting. Faced with an embarrassment of riches representing the current state of art-making in Brooklyn and across our global social network, it’s exciting to show mostly artists who were previously unfamiliar to me. Distinct threads surfaced throughout the bountiful submissions… tactile objects, sculptural painting, textural “things.” The work seemed to gather itself into a cohesive narrative without much meddling from me. I feel confident that viewers will sense this collective gathering too, though I am sorry to leave so many great artists out of the mix. A huge thank you to all of the talented artists who submitted, and of course to Trestle Gallery. I can’t wait to see this exciting work in person.”
-Julie Torres, Guest Curator

Julie Torres is a New York based painter and independent curator, specializing in community-expanding collaborations with likeminded artists. Her goal to support and connect kindred makers, thinkers and organizers led to recent curatorial projects ‘Art in America,’ ‘Family Style’ and ‘Do it Yourself.’ Torres is thrilled to join Trestle Gallery for Introductions 2017. She can’t wait to meet you.

Participating Artists:
Luke Ahern
Julie Alexander
Natessa Amin
April Bachtel
Frid Branham
Mark Brosseau
Philippa Brown
Malina Busch
Susan Carr
Donna Cleary
Julie Combal
Sue Danielson
Diane Englander
Lea Fales
Robin Green
Jay Hendrick
Jesse Hickman
Jennifer Kirkpatrick
Susan Klein
Maria Kondratiev
Barbara Laube
Madison LaVallee
Danielle Lawrence
Lynda Litchfield
Rosie Lopeman
Adam Lovitz
Cynthia Mason
Anne-Marie McIntyre
Jamie Powell
Anjuli Rathod
Ann Reichlin
Alexandra Rubenstein
Julia Schwartz
Christina Tenaglia
Claudia Tienan
Jill Vasileff
Kelly Worman
Pier Wright
Cay Yoon
Rebecca Young