UnReal DiaTribe
Group Art Exhibition at Gallery Petite

Performance and Reception: Friday 6-9pm November 11

With performers: Jane Le Croy, Bradford, project Ohmslice and Darcey Leonard

Gallery Petite
114 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
718 552 5600

Artists: Charlotte Evans, Andrew Chan, Renè Fressola, Ben Godward, Kat Ryals, Zach Mason

Gallery Petite is hosting a group art show, featuring the work of artists that are obsessed with their fantasy world. These artists, immersed in the tenacity of their wild idea, resonate happily to their own beat. I wouldn’t exactly call the work of these artists an angry diatribe but I would say that these artists and most of the people reading this, are bombarded by angry media, screaming the world is falling.
Science is fact and art is fantasy. Most will agree that fantasy is better than reality. Science is based on fact. Invention is Art. Politics is power. We are distracted by the nonstop, unreal diatribe of propaganda streams, pushing the agenda of the evil establishment. But that’s negative. So instead, lets focus on our personal fabricated fantasies, even if they are fermenting in the ever present unreality of our time.

Curated by Tyrome Tripoli

Show Closes: Sunday December 4, 2016

Sculpture by Ben Godward and Painting by Zach Mason