Women In Art: Pathways

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
6:30pm 7:30pm
$5 suggested donation

A panel discussion featuring female curators, artists and fine art professors with diverse backgrounds discussing their navigation of the art world. How they have gotten where they are today and how being a woman influenced, altered, and authored their paths.

Moderated by Jen Nista & Katie Hector of Waves Collective


Rebecca Pauline Jampol is a Co-Director Gateway Project Spaces and the founder and current director of the alternative gallery space & artist studio residence at Solo(s) Project House (SPH) and NYC space, R.Jampol Project(s). She is an arts educator, gallery director and independent curator based in Newark, NJ. After graduating from Rutgers University-Newark, Ms. Jampol moved forward to become a driving force in a myriad of cultural and educational initiatives located in Newark, NJ including; Jajo Gallery, 239 Collective, Glocally Newark, The 239 Collective, the Halsey St. initiative, Rutgers Future Scholars “I Am” Program, and NeWWalls Newark Public Art Conference.

Barbara Madsen is an artist working in the New York metropolitan area. Madsen is known for her vivid color in photography, print, sculpture, and installation. Madsen delves into the urgent effects of plastic on the environment documenting everyday objects from the dollar store. An avid fan of fiction and art history she is inspired by the literary works of Edwin Abbott’s, Flatland; Kurt Vonnegut’s, Slaughter House Five; and the art of Kurt Schwitters’s, Merzbau. Madsen speculates about two dimensional, three-dimensional, perception and the multi-dimensional universe.

Tinuade Oyelowo is a highly-qualified professional interdisciplinary artist. As an artist Tinu centers her world around social justice issues such as race, gender, political oppression, environmental deterioration, and classism. With every project Tinu embraces, she begins with a series of open ended questions that guide her into her to her creative platform. Tinuade’s goal is to create and communicate her visions with same perplexity she is haunted with.

Denise Treizman is an artist born in Chile, currently based in New York City, who has an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. (NY, 2013) Her work has been exhibited in several cities of the world, including Santiago (Chile), Valparaiso (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Shanghai (China) and the United States in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, New Jersey and New York.