Rotten Cake & Urban Folk Art present Brooklyn-based photographer Jason Shaltz’s behind-the-scenes look at iconic fictional characters living “everyday” city-life with his ongoing photo series #EveryDayHorrors.

The extensive series, providing a humorous contrast between subject and environment, while simultaneously exhibiting New Yorkers’ propensity to ‘tunnel vision’ syndrome, will be on display at Adam Suerte’s Urban Folk Art Gallery (101 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 at Smith St/Atlantic Ave.) beginning Friday, October 21. All 30 pieces will be presented in 20”x30” format.
#EveryDayHorrors features Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Ghostface and Michael on the streets of New York, during ‘non-business hours.’ When they aren’t hanging co-eds on meat-hooks or making human kebobs from teenage camp counselors, where are they? What are they doing?

#EveryDayHorrors Photo Show
Urban Folk Art Gallery/Brooklyn Tattoo
101 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Friday, October 21, 7—10 pm
DJ, Drinks, Snacks
***Group holiday show with other artists on October 28 @Urban Folk Art Gallery***