The Cluster Gallery is pleased to present “Reformed & Reimagined”, an exhibition curated by Christina Massey Brooklyn based artist.

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 6-8pm
October 6th – October 28th
Brooklyn Art Cluster / The Cluster Gallery 200 6th Street 3E, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Featuring works by Christina Massey, Elise P. Church, and Jaynie Crimmins, this exhibition explores the various and unique roles of re-purposed materials. Each artist finds something new and memorable in the forgotten, discarded and tossed away. There’s a recognizable quality to all the abstract works, where
hints of what and how the work was created reveal themselves.
The three artists, Christina Massey, Elise P. Church and Jaynie Crimmins, attended a month long artists residency at Soaring Gardens in rural Pennsylvania in May/June of 2016. The artworks in this exhibition were all created during that time and the months following. The influence of shape, style, experimentation and adventurous spirit seeped into one another’s works, creating a new body of work for each artist. Each artist came with their own expectations, ideas and thoughts of what they wanted to accomplish and focus on, and as they spent the month eating, working, sharing their thoughts, ideas, concerns, worries and dreams together, inevitably the varied styles and approaches inspired each other’s own processes and works as the month went on.