Reject (JD Malone)

ARTs East New York and TunnelVision artists:
Geminelle, Musician |
Dexter R. Jones, Photographer |
Stephen SmallWarner, Fine Art Photographer |
Sophia Dawson, Painter |
JD Malone, Artist, Founder of TunnelVision |

Opening Night of FIVE/5ths Art Show
Friday, August 26, 2016 | 6:30 – 9:30 PM
ARTs East New York, 534 Livonia Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11207 between Williams Ave and Alabama Ave.

Presented by TunnelVision, five contemporary artists, each spiritual leaders in their own right, have come together to tell the story of FIVE/5ths, an audio/visual exhibition that is meant to offer an alternative perspective on the way we see and appreciate Black art and by extension, ourselves., 718.676.6006

Each artist represents a piece of the Black mind — from the political activists, to the free-spirited wanderers, to the humming voices of song alike — FIVE/5ths is a testament that all spiritual expression is art and can live harmoniously. Historically, we have been dispersed on more levels than one, walking around this earth in pieces, chained to the idea that we are fractioned. FIVE/5ths, is about ascending to a place where we are now united, a place where we are now whole, a place where we are now one.

Artist Talk: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | 6:00 – 8:00 PM at ARTs East New York, 534 Livonia Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11207

Guerilla Shooters: Saturday, September 17, 2016 | 7:00 – 10:00 PM
The two founding photographers from Guerilla Shooters, JD Malone and SmallWarner, have been collaborating for over 8 years. As a part of the “FIVE/FIFTHS Tunnelvision Collective Presentation” the pair have decided to produce the event for the shooters in NYC.

GS scouts out locations in the city that offers endless creative opportunities. GS brings the subjects, provides the lighting tools and toys. You bring your camera. We provide the ingredients and you make the art, something like a creative’s jam session. After the event, all the photographers who participate are asked to send their top 5 images. From those images the Guerilla Shooters team selects images to be featured on the tumblr page.

TunnelVision operates as a gallery and agency that gives visibility to the work of Black Contemporary Artists by uniting art collectors with artists. JD Malone, founder and artist of TunnelVision, saw a need to create a market that supports the emerging Black Contemporary Artists of today thus establishing TunnelVision.

ARTs East New York is committed to presenting and promoting multicultural arts to address socioeconomic issues that hinder the growth and development of our community. Our innovative efforts foster entrepreneurs and cultural industries that generate jobs and income, reduce crime and recidivism, heighten the level of education and awareness around healthy and sustainable living, attract tourists to boost local economy and instill pride among residents. These initiatives improve livability and encourage economic development outcomes that have the potential to radically change the future of the neighborhood.