PHASES – a late summertime collaboration between Crystal Gregory and Alexa Williams.

Residency: August 23-September 11, 2016
Opening: Thursday, August 25, 6-8pm
Closing: Sunday, September 11, 4-6pm

In four phases Alexa Williams and Crystal Gregory will use Ground Floor Gallery as a performative platform for their collaborative project. During their residency in the space, the artists will use the architecture of the gallery to support a site specific floor to ceiling loom, dye with turmeric, and use powdered graphite and white sand to cast the woven textile in concrete. The final pieces will hang on the gallery walls, completing the arc of their residency together.

PHASE 1: DRESSING THE LOOM, hundreds of cotton strands stretching from the gallery’s floor to ceiling

PHASE 2: DYEING, onsite solar dyeing in turmeric baths

PHASE 3: WEAVING, site specific spatial weaving

PHASE 4: CASTING, imbedding the woven textile into a poured concrete picture plane