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September 7 – October 30, 2016

Curator: P?r?l Gu?ndu?z
Curatorial Assistant: Yangxingyue Rita Wang

Romance with Material, Flirt with Self , Adorn the World
A speculative survey of body and its relation to garments, from the cave to the web.
The upcoming exhibition in September 2016 at The Hollows Townhouse on Bedford Ave and N8th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will take place throughout the building, spanning 10 galleries on 4 floors and outdoors space, The Hollows Eastyard, with a late night opening reception that will take place from 8pm-2am, one day before NYFW opens, and will be on view until October 30, 2016 on Saturdays/Sundays from 2-8pm.
Subthemes include:
1- Garments as layer between Self and World
2- Garments as catalyst for affect
3- Garments as enhancement of Body
4- Garments as a disclosure of or negotiation with identity, ethnicity, nationality, social status, gender 5- Garments as objects that reveal current economies and material developments
6- Garments as approaches for negotiation between aesthetics and functionality, craftwork and technology

Media include:
Historical garments, new materials, reproductions, wearable devices, folkloric costumes, multifunctional accessories, performance, sound, text, video, photography, light, digital

Ground Floor: Silk Road – ORIGIN – SPACE +Gallery 1: Narcissus
+Gallery 2: Tatars
Backyard: Coulisse
Porch: Mirror
First Floor: Broadway – PAST – TIME +Gallery 3: Covering
+Gallery 4: Framing
+Gallery 5: Revealing
Second Floor: www – CURRENT
+Gallery 6: Curator’s Room: My All
+Gallery 7: Unisex
+Gallery 8: Fabric
Third Floor: Peninsula -FUTURE
+Gallery 9: Tech
+Gallery 10: Blow

Artists include:
Kiichiro Adachi
Nitcha Fame
Natalie Neal
Mark Newport
Anysa Saleh