VARIFORM Promo Card FRONT low res

Celebrating five years of collective work, CON V // VARIFORM is a multi-faceted event encompassing the various aspects of what the collective has evolved into.

The event on August 31st at Brooklyn Bowl will include a carefully curated gallery featuring exhibiting artists Danni Fuentes, Rachel Adler, Janice Chung, Jerm Cohen, Simon Cooper, Toni DeVenuto, Dave Holz, and Brian Marrone.

The second portion of the event will consist of live performances from long time CON TEMPLATE affiliates Zuli, TK the Architect, and BlackJeans. The night will end with special guest and Brooklyn natives, Oberhofer.

Each live performance will be accompanied by projections from visual artists Michael Rupp, Kimberly Young Sun, Jonathan Sims, and Drippy Eye Projections.