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In its new premises in Williamsburg, The Hollows is pleased to inaugurate The Hollows Eastyard, an outdoors summer programming series taking place in the garden of The Hollows townhouse, housing installations by two artists, kinetic disco ball pieces, Inverse and Tear by Kiichiro Adachi and Grids, back facade mural by resident artist Quinn Wolff Wilczynski, a wheat paste installation of manipulated photographs of the actual facade, with monthly programs focusing on sound in July, screenings in August and talks in September. The Hollows Eastyard will be open to visitors on Saturdays from 2-8pm and to Friends of The Hollows on Fridays and Sundays from 2pm-8pm, with late evening yoga sessions by Teresa Zaga between 8:30-9:30 on Saturdays in our urban oasis, right before stepping onto a Saturday Bedford Ave.


July Sound at The Hollows Eastyard explores the nuances of performing in electronic and electroacoustic music. Twelve artists and artist groups over the course of four Saturdays will offer their solutions to the modern headache of performing electronically manipulated music. Each day will offer a mixture of approaches spanning multiple genres. Performances will
range from analog loop based collages to live synthesis, computer triggering, and spoken word. Performing artists include James K, Cameron Orr, Salt Cathedral, members of Orchid Tapes label, and many more.

Line-up: July 9

Orchid Tapes Showcase (Yohuna + Foxes in Fiction)
Time / Being
Salt Cathedral