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World Money Gallery presents “Holy Profanity,” a group exhibit featuring Jamie Roadkill, Ian Reid, Katie Innamorato, and Tijuana Fritz. Holy Profanity focuses on the creative process as a sacred outlet, picking up in the search for meaning where organized religious systems have failed. Featured artists have forsaken traditional spiritual and religious paths and chosen to interpret their experience through outlets wholly unique to themselves. The group is unified by the conceivably obscene themes and undercurrents in their work, touching on ideas of death, rebellion, BDSM, and deviance.

Jamie Roadkill is a Brooklyn based visual artist who features anatomically correct skeletons in her work. She sources animals from road or natural deaths and processes them for their bones, finding significance in the arduous process. Her work promotes awareness of the stigmas around death and decay, and promotes the power of transformation. Her work has been featured on VICE, Juxtapoz.com, and more.

Ian Reid is an award winning Brooklyn based photographer who first gained acclaim in 2006 for his ground breaking skate video “Sex, Hood, Skate, and Videotape.” While grounded in reality, his photos constantly ask the viewer to abandon restrictions and surrender to the fantasy. His work has been published in Vogue, The Fader, Vibe, and many more American and international magazines.

Katie Innamorato is an NYC based taxidermy artist who combines traditional methods with modern sourcing practices to create upcycled works, using pelts which would have gone to waste otherwise. Her signature “Moss” pieces use death as a vehicle to present serene, vibrant perceptions of life and it’s cycles. She currently teaches taxidermy classes all over the US, and her work has been featured on the Science & Discoveries hit TV show “Oddities,” as well as in The New York Times & VICE.