As part of the programming for The Hollows ongoing exhibition Electrique, we are excited to invite Dylan Trigg, Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Memphis Department of Philosophy and at University College Dublin School of Philosophy, to present Until it Sleeps: on the Home at Night, an evening talk on Saturday, August 6, 2016, from 8-10PM. This talk will explore the underside of phenomenology’s love of home, a side that appears to us when daylight recedes, invoking the darkness of an insomniac space that deforms the image we employ to render the home homely.

The history of the home within the phenomenological tradition is distinguished. Taking its strengths from experiences of intimacy and unity, phenomenology has proceeded to draw us within ourselves, finding therein an entire world that is comprised from the primal sanctuary of the home. Such a love of place – truly, a topophilia –remains one of the method’s greatest strength. Yet this partial focus is also phenomenology’s most acute limit. Overlooked in this veneration of intimate spatiality are those places that dislodge and disrupt our being-in-the-world.

Dylan Trigg is Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy and at University College Dublin, School of Philosophy. He is the author of several books including: Topophobia: a Phenomenology of Anxiety (London: Bloomsbury, 2016); The Thing: a Phenomenology of Horror (Winchester: Zero Books, 2014); and The Memory of Place: a Phenomenology of the Uncanny (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012).