The Hollows Artspace
151 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11211


?June 15 – Aug 28, 2016
5 Night Opening Reception: Wed June 15 -19, 9-11PM
Curated by P?r?l Gu?ndu?z ?

Light, mechanical and sound works, avoiding digital.? Living in the haunted house, lights must be kept on.

Basement: Electric as Agent
+Gallery 1: Discovery
Ground Floor: Electric Flirting
+Gallery 2: Man
+Gallery 3: Boy
+Gallery 4: Woman
+Gallery 5: Girl
First Floor: Electric as Function
+Gallery 6: Glow
+Gallery 7: Movement
+Gallery 8: With and Without
Second Floor: Electric > Human
+Gallery 9: Schizophrenia
+Gallery 10: Cave
+Gallery 11: Psychedelia
Third Floor: Electric + Human
+Gallery 12: Curator’s Room: Electra’s Remedy +Gallery 13: Love
+Gallery 14: Eros
+Gallery 15: Surrender
+Gallery 16: Sublime

The Hollows is excited to present Electrique, a 50-piece group exhibition installed in 16 galleries throughout 5 floors, the front and back facades and the backyard of new The Hollows townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Bedford Ave, between N8th and N9th streets, with a 5-day long opening reception that will take place at dark, from 9-11pm. The exhibition will be on view through Aug 28, on Saturday/Sunday from 2-8pm and 9-11pm.

Electrique, includes light, mechanical and sound works, all of which come alive with electricity. Works include Portal by Randy Polumbo, a telephone booth in which phallus shaped molten glass lights are nested in floral arrangement, Scrape, an encompassing site-responsive light and tulle installation by Christine Sciulli, and Cathy McClure’s Bots series, Composed of the twitching mechanical guts of discarded plush toys, creepy, tragic, yet morbidly comical exploration of the casualties of planned obsolesce and over-production, partly covered with gold leaf.

Kiichiro Adachi
Matilde Alessandra
Gregory Barsamian
James O. Clark
Nick Doyle
Andre Eamiello
Ryan Frank
Brandt Graves Marco
Guglielmino Beril Gulcan
Merve Kahraman
Yusuf Kayi
Annesta Le
Cathy Mcclure
Seren Morey
Lindsay Packer
Randy Polumbo
John Procario
Jackson Randall
Dave Rittinger
Christine Sciulli
Q. Wolff-Wilczynski Xmanifold A.D.R.L.

Heinrich Hansen E?douard Manet

Curatorial Assistants: Anna Kamensky, Gina Mischianti