Batten June 2016001

Musical Moment 30x30

Musical Moment 30×30

Gift 66x52

Gift 66×52

Artist Statement

My paintings reflect the beauty and power of the sea and land. In my travels throughout Europe, the Americas, India, Russia, and North Africa, I draw and take photographs of the natural world. The paintings capture the differences and yet universality to be found throughout these far-flung environs. From these references I create mixed media paintings in my studio that reflect the splendor and physicality of natural elements like the sea, shells, rocks, and plants. My most recent work surrounds images from the natural world with abstract turbulence and motion to show the environments enduring beauty even when it is in a state of flux.

I improvise with color, space, texture and form. I incorporate acrylic, charcoal, crayons, dyes, rice paper and digital images. Soil and black magma contrast with washes of watercolor. I play organic shapes against geometric patterns. I build up the canvas by scraping and layering paint creating depth and texture. I work spontaneously and intuitively. The varied techniques and materials come together to create complex, poetic works.