Urban Folk Art® Gallery Celebrates the Brooklyn Bridge’s 133rd birthday with it’s 7th annual Group art Show. Opening May 20th

May 5th Brooklyn, N.Y.
Urban Folk Art® Gallery is gearing up for their yearly homage to the bridge with over 30 NY artists confirmed to participate. A wide variety of artists from different mediums from photographers, painters, illustrators, comic book artists, printmakers, tattooers, to legendary graffiti artists, are slated to exhibit. “The city tends to celebrate this anniversary in increments of 25 years ( 75th, 100th, 125th), I have lived near the bridge all my life, it is a constant factor in my art wether it be painting, tattooing, drawing or printmakinghy not celebrate every year?” says curator and resident artist Adam Suerte. The Brooklyn Bridge was opened to the public on May 24th,1883.

Three years ago, when the gallery hosted the 130th anniversary, Suerte had just bought 25 gallons of surplus paint that the DOT was auctioning off to vacate a supply warehouse in DUMBO. He had every artist use that paint in their pieces that year. That won’t be a requirement this year, but there are still 5 gallons left that Suerte has repackaged and will be on sale at the gallery.

Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo Special- In addition to the show, on Sunday the 22nd, Brooklyn Tattoo® (the studio adjacent to the Gallery and co owned by Suerte) will bring back their Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo special. Tattoo shops have long been known for traditions such as $13 tattoo specials on Friday the 13th, or $31 tattoo specials on Halloween. Brooklyn Tattoo has been localizing that tradition by offering $33 Brooklyn bridge tattoos in honor of the 133th birthday of the bridge’s opening to the pubic in 1883. The special will be first come first serve to the first 33 people to show up at 1pm on Sunday the 22nd.

Alice Mizrachi
Andrew Thompson
Anthony Jehamy
Chelle Mayer
Chris Crowder
Christa Cassano
Dean Haspiel
EJ Beman
Furst Impressions NYC
Gregory Benton
James and Karla Murray
Jason Mitchell
Jen Ferguson
John Tebeau
kd diamond
Keith Thomson
Lee Greenfeld
Luke Ratray
Mahoney Perkins
Mehai Bakaty
Pat Mazza
Pete Conlon
Rachel Gibbs
Robert Bonhomme
Sara Antoinette Martin
Sine Hjort
Adam Suerte