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On April 14th from 7-10 PM, Olivia Steckly is pleased to invite you to “Swipe Right”, a Tinder-sourced pop-up art exhibition in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 23 Meadow Street. The show is on for one night only, mirroring the ephemerality of most Tinder hookups.

From installations depicting a campsite temporarily abandoned to make way for skinny-dipping, to heavily aesthetic quasi-sculptural utilitarian objects designed for physical interaction, the underlying commonalities of the curated artworks are apparent in the representation of a suggested human presence versus absence. Similarly, these elements combined relate to the curation process, as Tinder is used by those seeking another’s bodily presence; a presence which can be attained by a mutual “swipe right”.

Featuring artists:
Shea Bartel
Elijah Craig II
Garrett Ervin
John Fajardo
Daniel Oglander
Peter Ossi