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THURS – MARCH 17 – 6:30-late

Opening for TREES: Photography by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Performances by UN.SAY and Sick Din
Live bands: Heavy Birds, Dead Sexy Sheila
DJs: Tony Prins & Johnny Scuotto

These photographs isolate the object – caught in the stare of the flash, they stand plainly in sight, solid and naked.
These objects are trees, standing in the forest, or alone.
These trees are pines, they are weed nuggets, they are garbage cans and cemented stumps, they are wallpaper and plastic, they are existential objects.
We present them together, a silent poem, an implied joke.
We celebrate their beauty.
We throw them a party.
2 performances, 2 bands, 2 DJs, you and me and everyone we know, and lots of trees. LOTS of trees.

Exhibition on display March 17 through April 3
Thurs-Sun 12-6
IDIO Gallery: 976 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY