Brooklyn Based Sculptor, Sequoyah Aono will have Solo Exhibition -Evidence of Existence- (wood Sculpture mainly) from Mar. 31st to Apr. 8th, 2016 at INFINITO Gallery, 79 Leonard St., NY, NY 10013.
Opening Reception: 6 – 9 pm on Mar. 31st
Gallery Hours: 11am – 7pm by appointment only +1 212 925-7345, +1 917 499-1292

“I imagine a scene in which we’re all marching and riding against the tide of our times—a wave of rules and regulations that exist so as to prevent social collapse. Although the rules are intended to maintain public order and control greed, they seem like games manipulated by an unknown someone. In other words, our march leads either to victory or defeat. We cannot start over: this is completely inconsistent with the rules.

I try to convey this feeling through my carvings. I wonder if we are all figures on a large, complex game-board—one that, instead of being fixed in shape, shifts and changes, almost as if it were a living, wily creature itself. I wonder if such a board might suddenly collapse, or fall away, while I’m earnestly searching for the hidden truth beyond it.

In pursuit of this goal I’m seized with inexplicable anxiety and doubt about my own existence. I strongly need to confirm who I am and why I’m here.

In our modern society, so full of news, images, texts, blogs, social media, PC’s, the Internet, cell-phones, and so forth, we try to confirm our existence—yet without truly communicating with each other. While it may be convenient to know everything about one other without socializing face-to-face, I fear that this degrades what is in our hearts—our deepest feelings—and that eventually we may start to act like robots.

From this simple, even primitive, thought, I try to confirm my existence by carving self-portraits. My carving is a path to myself, and one that I hope may connect deeply with the viewer.”