Glossary Hole

Glossary Hole, the debut event of the Forty Arms Art Collective, is an exploration of the intersection of how meaning shapes space. The meaning we give to objects, words, shapes, and sounds alters the spaces that we inhabit, but what if we didn’t choose to accept the world as it has already been defined by others? The Forty Arms Art Collective invites you to join us in a communal space as equals as we all reconsider what the world could be if we would only let it.

Forty Arms Art Collective is a small mixed media artistic community, which strives to push the boundaries of what can or cannot be considered Art. Acting as a single unit with many diverse talents, the Collective combines visual, written, and audio exhibits into shared spaces without boundaries. By working and presenting in shared spaces, the Forty Arms Art Collective is able to share its vision of a world apart from concepts of credit and ownership, which permeate the Westernized world.

Glossary Hole
Saturday, February 27th, 5-8 PM
@ The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway, Brooklyn
Free, All Ages