too tall080915!
Libby Rosa
Sweet Lorraine Gallery,
183 Lorraine Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Opening Reception: February 6, 6-9pm
Duration of Show: February 6-29
Free for the public
Open Daily
Through the reactive processes of layering and varied line, Rosa explores the complex nature of intimate memory and its newly found relationship with technology. The thoughts and feelings transcribed in paint usually consist of those around adolescence and changing states: coming of age awkwardness, insecurities, love, comfort, humor, and sex.

Questions arise as she create works with both aggressive marks, and careful areas: What do we value today? How do we treat our memories and the way we document them? How do we cope with our quickly changing attitudes in an impulsive/impatient world?

Image: You’re too tall for me to sleep comfortably, acrylic, spray paint, canvas, 2015.