Mesmerizingly carnal, these complex Dames roar past the limitations of flesh and identity fearlessly diving deep into the wild seas of love and lesser impulses.

“Body Parts a series of…”
We invite you to come see our play at Dixon Place MainStage December 17, at 7:30pm.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to facilitate this viewing for you.

“Electric text by Pamela Enz becomes propulsive narration when partnered with E?ve L-J’s living construction, turning all flavors of chaotic love into an energy propeller through counter-weighted Kinetic Intercourse.”
Anita Durst as LoadedLADY brings to pulsating life a woman who has grown her own male member for unexpected purposes. Delving deeper into hearts and other feeling body parts, Jack Nieman and Julie Atlas Muz movingly amuse. This collaboration is served up by an improperly dressed all male backup Chorus of cuties. Original music composed by Luis Mojica.