To create the album artwork for his debut record, Elaenia, Sam Shepherd (A.K.A. Floating Points) versioned his own Harmonograph, a pendulum operated drawing machine. For Longer Trails, a collaboration with visual artist Will Hurt, Shepherd saw an opportunity to exhibit the hypnotizing allure of the gravity-based machine in motion.

Attaching an LED light to the end of the harmonograph, Shepherd and Hurt captured six unique motion trails, resulting in a series of videos that are simple on the surface yet complex and calculated in formation. The videos enhance the listening experience of Elaenia, a patient and slowly evolving album rooted in improvisation. Follow the particles as they meander in and out, darting and dancing in unexpected frenzies, leaving a faint residue of the past as they progress.

To get the full audio-visual experience for this collection, you can visit the Electric Objects AV Lounge at Rough Trade NYC located at 64 N 9th St, Brooklyn from now until December 6.