Art Fast is an experiment in cultural mapping, a way for people to experience another culture through a medium/practice that they best understand and relate to. The aim is to share the essence of Navratri, a 9-day South-East Asian Hindu festival that celebrates the divine feminine that resides within all beings. Hindus typically fast on these days and immerse themselves in spiritual practices while they engage in community interactions. As part of the cultural mapping process, participants will rejuvenate their creative spirits (which the goddess is believed to embody) by fasting or exploring an aspect of creativity and engaging in community sharing.

This year the fast on art takes place from Oct 13 – Oct 21. Participate by challenging your creative self via bringing constraints into your creative practice like excluding or restraining the use of creative tools, ideas and materials you have always been habituated to use. Or challenge your creative self by exploring a new aspect of your creative self. You would use these 9 days to make work/s towards whichever path you chose and share them with the community. Art Fast is free and open to anyone who wants to challenge their creative thinking abilities. You can be in any corner of the world to participate in this challenge! To participate email: by Oct 10th, 2015.
If you are in New York City, celebrate the spirit of the festival by partaking in exclusively organized events that foster cultural exchange. These events occur throughout the month of Oct and are open to everyone to attend It is free for all Art Fast participants and minimally priced for others. The events are led by acclaimed artists/designers/performers and include workshops on art, photography, dance and fashion, music and dance performances, creative salon etc.