The Sphinx Returns Season Opening Event: be.come.
Hosted by The Illustrious Blacks
Saturday, September 19th / 8pm-11pm
Grace Exhibition Space // 840 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Live Performances by
The Illustrious Blacks [NYC] // Lion Ayodele+++ [NYC] // Hector Canonge [NYC] // Annabel Gueredrat + Henri Tauliaut [Martinique]

Video installation by Andrew Braddock/ David Ian Griess/ Elizabeth Lamb [NYC]

Curated by Whitney V. Hunter

The Sphinx Returns is a curated season of performance art and contemporary performance. The season investigates the artist as myth maker and performance art and contemporary performance as the mythologies of our time, setting the course for a history of the future.

The Sphinx Returns is a return to questioning, mythology, and new ideas, asking how do we encourage and gain new ways of seeing and understanding. The inclusion of short form actions, endurance, durational, performance for video, installations and sound work will offer insight into artistic practice as a means towards a new mythology.

Allowing mystery to pervade the space of the now instigates active and real-time relationships between the artist and the public. The Sphinx Returns is the moment when the experience of being alive reveals itself through the act of being present.